Unhappy Married Man and his Escort

Jack has always been complaining of his strained sex life with his friends. He claims that his wife has a low sex drive and thus she rarely entertains his moves. After years of an unhappy sex life in his marriage, he makes up his mind on getting another sex partner. He settles on hiring an escort. He chooses to hire an escort from Eve Escorts. He has a taste for dark slim ladies with long hair. He comes across Nelly, who meets his specifications.

On Friday evening Jack and Nelly meet up at the restaurant in the evening as agreed. They order dinner and enjoy their meal. They then proceed to the dance hall where they order for drinks as they watch people dance. All through, the two are bonding and the romance can be seen in their eyes. They enjoy drinks and are soon feeling tipsy.

The two decide to book a room so that they can fuck. Upon arriving at the hotel, Nelly suggests that they take a shower. The two are soon kissing and holding each other tightly. They proceed to take a shower. The two enjoy romance under the water. Nelly does a hand job on Jack and this makes his dick so stiff.

The two are now done with having a shower and proceed to the bed. Jack is so erect and can’t stand it. He rises from the bed and they start romancing wildly. Jack sucks her boobs and within minutes is down on her doing oral sex. He licks her pussy like he is starving. Nelly’s pussy is now dripping wet and ready for Jack to put his cock inside of her. Jack with his erect cock is ready to strike too. Nelly pulls her legs back, inviting Jack to fuck her. He sticks his hard cock into Nelly’s wet honeypot. They enjoy the missionary style before shifting to doggy style. The two enjoy some good moment together with a thing that Jack had not enjoyed for long. The excellent pleasure Jack got with the escort had been denied him in his marriage.

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