Is It Still Okay to Be Sexy?

I guess I am not the only woman to wonder if it is still okay to be sexy? An increasing number of women are beginning to cover up and dress differently. That is okay for some, but I am afraid that it does not work for me at all. I like to feel women and that to me means dressing in a sexy way. I am the kind of girl that you will catch wearing a low cleavage top or off the shoulder jumper. It is easy to think that it comes from working for charlotte action escorts, but I think it is more fundamental than that.

When I stop and think about it, I think that it started in California. I lived in California when my dad had to go and work there, and that is when I got into sexy fashion. When I come back to London and eventually got a job for London escorts, I sort of continued to dress in a sexy way. The only problem is that I feel that a lot of men look down on you if you don’t conform to the norm like I like to call it. Believe it or not, it even happens at London escorts from time to time. The other week, I was on a London escorts business date, and the gent sent me home. He did not think that I looked nice and wanted a nice looking girl.

When I look at myself in the mirror, it is clear that I have got this sex kitten image going on. But, I like that and it makes me feel confident. Sure, there are some men who think that I look a little bit too risky when I go out on a date, but I can’t see what the problem is. Some London escorts do not have my excellent figure. If you like, I think that my figure deserves to be shown off and that is why I am so into sexy fashion. I love looking sexy and I am sure that the majority of my London escorts dates appreciate my efforts.

In general, I do think the tide is turning, and it is getting less acceptable to look sexy. It can even be tough to find sexy clothing. Sometimes I have a couple of weeks off from charlotte action escorts, travel out to California and go shopping for sexy fashion. I have even taken some of my London escorts colleagues with me and they have enjoyed their time in California as much as I have. It is something special about California fashion and it can’t really be found anywhere else in the world. I simply love it.

Why are we becoming so stuck in our ways here in the UK? I am not sure what is going on. It is a bit like Meghan Markle. She dresses very much like a California girl and comes under a lot of criticism for it. I think that she looks great and many other London escorts do. She dares to be different and that is what I really like about her. I think that we should be allowed to dress in any which way we like and not be criticised for the way we dress. Most girls at London escorts have good figures so why not make the most of the way you look with some sexy fashion.

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